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A happy home is a rodent free home. Mice infestations can happen fast and tend  to overwhelm people. Although I find mice to be somewhat cute, I don’t want them running across my feet in the middle of the night. Mice can be a pest to get rid of due to how fast they reproduce. In this class I will teach you how to stop and control a mice infestation in your house fast with all natural methods.

Mouse Identification

Mice InfestationThe first step of control a mice infestation is identifying what type of mice you’re dealing with, but population control is similar for both types.  Use the following list to determine whether you are dealing with house mice or wild mice.

House Mouse Characteristics

  • Tail is about the same length as the head and body combined
  • Head and feet are proportionate in size with head and body
  • Usually have a lighter coat than wild mice
  • Flat upper incisors

Wild Mouse Characteristics

  • Short and hairy tail (meadow mouse)
  • Feet and head are disproportionately large for body
  • White belly and tail that is multicolored (deer mouse)
  • Grooved or pointy upper incisors (harvest mouse)
  • Protruding dark eyes and large ears

Mice Infestation Indicators

The first sign of having mice in your house are small circular droppings up to a 1/4″ long. If you have larger droppings you may be dealing with a rat infestation or other type of rodent. Usually you will find the droppings or urine stains along your baseboards in your house. Mice tend to have bad eyesight and will run along objects to find their way. Second, you will find holes in walls and into food products. Mice are pretty amazing chewers, and will gnaw through just about anything. Next you may begin to hear rustling or scratching noises in your walls which may be the early signs of a nest. You also might see these little guys right out in the open.

If you’re still not sure whether or not you have them you can place some baby powder along your baseboards in your house. After a day or two go back and do a little investigative work. Mice tend to leave tracks up to a half inch wide. If you’re tracks are larger you’re probably dealing with a rat infestation or a cat or dog that is playing a joke on you.

How to Control Mice Infestations

The most important thing when trying to control a mice infestation is controlling or preventing the cause of the mice in the first place. If you don’t take care of the root problem that invited these little guys into your home in the first place, you will be fighting a never ending battle. Follow the following tips.

Food StorageKeep food in properly secured containers. If mice don’t have a food source they will move onto somewhere else that does. Proper storage doesn’t just mean putting a box away in the cupboard. Place all foods in thick plastic containers including things like cereal, cookies and most importantly, other pet food. You need to work you’re way through your entire house and put special focus on areas where you have found mouse droppings. Finally, make sure to properly secure any seeds or wild animal feed that you may store in your garage, as this is one of a mouses favorite snacks.

organize your house

Organize your home and keep it clean. If you’re house is messy, pick it up! Not only will this limit the amount of hiding places mice have but it will limit their migrating. Leaving clothes and garbage on the floor just gives mice more places to nest and hide. Purchase a few rubber storage containers and organize your home. After a good days work you will not only have limited potential hiding places for mice but you help prevent infestations from other rodents and insects, as well as bring a little more sanity to your home.


seal cracks in foundationBlock all methods of entry into your home. In order to have a problem with mice, they have to find a way into your home. Begin by walking around the exterior of your house and fill in any cracks in your foundation and around pipes with some caulk. You would be surprised at how small of a hole mice can fit through and this will also help prevent other rodents and insects from entering your home such as millipedes. Next make sure to install rubber gaskets around your doors and windows in your house to help prevent entry while improving your utility bills at the same time.

How to Get Rid of Mice

After you have followed the steps to help control or prevent a mice infestation, you need to get rid of the mice you currently have. There are several effective methods you can use and they come down to personal preference.

Don’t Poison the Mice!

The worst decision you can make when trying to deal with a mouse infestation is trying to eradicate them with poison. I would never suggest using poisons inside your house. You risk poisoning your pets and contamination of where you eat and live. Second, mice tend to live in your walls and if you use poison they may will die in your walls and leave a nasty smell in your house for months. It’s the worst idea, so don’t even think about trying poisons as there are much more effective methods.

non-lethal mouse trapNon-lethal Mice Traps

My preferred method of control are non-lethal mice traps. I’m an animal lover, even when it commons to the common house mouse. Non-lethal traps are just as effective as lethal traps so I see no need to use a lethal trap. If you go with a non-lethal method, make sure to release the mice far away from your house. Below are some effective traps.

DIY bowl traps are effective for catching mice. Simply take a large metal bowl and place a ramp into the bowl with paper towl tube and some tape. Lightly spread some butter on the inside of the bowl with a paper towel. Put some bait inside the bowl and wait for your dinner guests to arrive. The mice will enter the bowl and jump inside to get their dinner and once inside they won’t be able to climb back out.

Catch traps are also another effective non-lethal method. Catch traps lure the mice inside with some bate and snap shut behind them when they enter. They are fairly effective but if you have a large metal bowl at home I wouldn’t spend the extra money on a trap. You can find catch traps at stores like Walmart, Menards or your local hardware store.

lethal mice trapLethal Mice Traps

Although I don’t believe in harming any animal unnecessarily, lethal mice traps do work. Below are some different types of traps.

Snap traps are one of the oldest styles of mouse traps. They lure the mouse in with some bait and have a spring loaded metal bar that will snap back when the bait is moved. Although they work well they are messy and sometimes won’t kill the mouse requiring you to finish the job. You can purchase them for around a dollar at your local hardware store. Place them along baseboards and near entrances to your home or where you have found droppings.

Glue boards cause mice to get stuck when they walk over them. Although effective they aren’t very popular because they cause the mouse to die by starvation or stress. You can also purchase these at your hardware store but if you have your heart set on a lethal trap I would suggest the snap trap over this method.

Zapper traps lure the mice in and kill them with an electrical shock. Zapper traps are very effective but they cost more money. Generally you need to setup more than one trap to effectively get rid of mice so you may want to try a cheaper method first.

Don’t waste your money on ultrasonic devices. The Federal Trade Commission has stated that these devices are ineffective for controlling rodent infestations. Although it these devices may provide some deterrence initially, its likely that mice and other rodents will get used to the sound.

Follow the tips in this class and you will get your mice infestation under control fast. Remember to start by mouse proofing your house and then set the traps. Place multiple traps throughout your house along baseboards and where you have found droppings. Most mouse infestation can be resolved in a week or less if you follow these tips.

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    We catch them in humane traps and put them in a wooded area where they can live. Killing them is unnecessary since the humane traps work just as well. Just release them in a nice wooded area where they belong.

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