How to Get Rid of Styes

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Although you may look like you’re ready to star in an upcoming horror film, styes are usually harmless if treated properly. A stye, also referred to as hordeolum, is a small bump that appears on the outside or inside of your eyelid. Although they’re relatively harmless, they can be very painful and embarrassing. Most styes will clear up overtime naturally. However, if you want to be a little more proactive the following tips and remedies will help to get rid of a stye in a day or so as well as teach you how to prevent styes down the road.

How to Get Rid of StyesStye Facts

A stye occurs when a gland in your eyelid becomes clogged from dirt or oil.. Bacteria forms and the gland becomes infected. General symptoms of a stye will be a small red, sensitive bump on your eyelid; similar to a pimple. Like pimples, these little guys are relatively harmless.

When you have a stye, your eye may leak a yellowish milky liquid similar to the puss that comes out of popped pimple. This is especially common when you wake up in the morning. The puss that dried while you were asleep may make it difficult for you to open your eyes.

Anyone is susceptible to getting a stye, both young and old. The healthier you are and stronger your immune system is the faster you will recover from a stye. Styes can be very infectious so make sure to keep your hands clean and be careful to not infect others around you.

Treatments for Eye Styes

The following tips will help to get rid of styes fast and relive the discomfort associated with a stye.

A clean eye makes for no stye. Styes are the result of a bacterial infection. Bacteria clogs the gland in your eyelid, so it makes sense to erase any bacteria from the equation. Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands before ever touching your eyes. Better yet, just don’t touch your eyes. If you wear contacts, make sure to clean your contacts daily. If you where makeup be sure to never share your makeup with anyone as it spreads bacteria. Always throw away the makeup you were using before your stye developed. Furthermore, wash your makeup off at the end of the day to prevent more junk from clogging up your pores.

Use a warm compress for relief. Hold a warm washcloth against your eye for 10 minutes at a time for some instant relief. Make sure to properly wash the washcloth you used between treatments or you risk further contaminating your eye.

Apply an antibacterial cream to your stye. Choose your favorite over the counter antibacterial cream and apply it with a Q-tip using a new Q-tip for each application. You will find special stye creams at your pharmacy but any antibacterial cream will work and help clear up your stye faster.

Get some rest. It’s always important to get plenty of sleep when fighting any type of infection. Sleeping helps boost your immune system and gives your body the energy it needs to fight off infection.

Maintain a healthy diet. Take a multivitamin everyday and eat healthy. This will help boost your immune system allowing your body to fight off the stye faster. Not to mention you may lose a few more LB’s and turn some heads.

Prevent contaminating both eyes. Styes spread very easily from one eye to the other due to people constantly rubbing their eyes and face. Even if both eyes are infected, the infection can become more serious if you are constantly cross contaminating your eyes. Sit on your hands to prevent yourself from poking into your eyes if you have to.

NEVER pick or rub your stye. Picking or irritating your stye may cause it to puss more which will further infect your eye. As hard as it may be, don’t itch or rub your eyelid. You should also avoid wearing any eye makeup until your stye clears up. Also make sure that it’s not the same eye makeup you were using before you developed your stye as it may be contaminated.

Preventing Styes

Styes can be highly contagious and prevention is the best policy. Make sure to wash your hands several times a day and avoid rubbing your eyes. Avoid sharing cosmetics with friends and if you wear contacts keep them properly cleaned. A little common sense can go a long way in preventing any type of infection.

Consulting a Doctor

Most styes will clear up in a week or so if you follow the tips discussed in this article. The most common problem usually is people getting a stye over and over again. Usually this is the result of introducing a contaminated product into your eye again like makeup.

If your stye hasn’t cleared up within a week or you are having problems with your vision you should consult a doctor. Your eyes are pretty important, so if your symptoms seem severe pay the doctor a visit. Doctors can drain a stye to help relieve discomfort from the pressure. For more serious infections they may prescribe some antibiotics.

Styes are relatively harmless and tend to disappear fast. Follow the tips in this article and you may ruin your shot at landing the spot in the upcoming horror film, but at least your eyes will be stye free.

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