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We barely have time to make our own meals anymore let alone find a special someone. If you’re like me, you may also be tired of meeting people in a bar. A few years back a few of my friends had meet women online that led to very happy relationships. I frowned upon the idea at first, but several years later meeting women online has proven to be the best dating method for me and I feel I have become a guru of online dating. Statistics show that twenty-five percent of relationships today are started online. In this class I will teach you where and how to meet women online.

meet women onlineBenefits of Online Dating

  • You can get to know several women before choosing who you feel is the best match for you.
  • Find someone who aligns with your way of thinking and goals in life.
  • You won’t spend money on countless dates before finding someone you are interested in.
  • It’s discrete and gives you access to thousands of single women in your area.
  • You can be as picky and blunt as you wish. If you want someone who has never been married, no kids, who works as a teacher…..No problem.
  • Meet all different ethnicities online whether it’s Japanese, African American, Caucasian, Asian, Cuban, Brazilian….
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, you can meet women anywhere in the world.

Websites to Meet Women Online – A Review

The following are the sites that I and others have found to be the best for meeting women online. – POF is one of the most popular and fastest growing online dating sites available. The best part is you can meet women online free. You can setup a profile in just a few minutes and begin searching for people in your area. POF has very little spam accounts and a lot of new users everyday. – is a great site although you have to pay for it. If this is your first go around with online dating I suggest you try POF for a week prior to setting up an account on Match to get your feet wet. The upside of Match is that it’s geared towards individuals looking for a more serious relationship. – eHarmony is the pioneer of online social matching. You take an extensive test when opening an account and they match you with people that most likely align with your interests and personality. Thousands of married couples have met on and it’s a great site for someone who is ready for the next step. - Not many people think of Facebook as a dating site. However, Facebook has been a good sites for meeting girls online. Facebook gives you friends suggestions and will also tell you if someone is single and what their interests are. The downfall is that person may not be looking to date, but it’s free and worth a shot. – I have never used and the reviews seem to be all over the board. It’s a spin off of eHarmony in the fact that you take a personality test and they send you matches that seem to align with you. I suggest trying the sites above prior to

best online dating profileSetting Up The Best Online Dating Profile

One of the most important aspects of your success with online dating is setting up the best profile. Having a good profile will help limit some of your work as interested single women will seek you out. The following are some of my best tips.

  • Photos – Use current photos that only have you in the picture. Don’t have pictures of you in the mirror flexing with your shirt off, it comes off as creepy and arrogant. I personally like to use photos of me doing things I enjoy such as hiking and boating. The pictures tell a story about you in themselves.
  • Headline – Use a creative headline that in a few words captures what you’re looking for, something about you or something witty.  Examples: Adventurist Seeking Sidekick, Saving One Bored Person At A Time, Puzzled Man Seeks Missing Piece.
  • Profile Description: Briefly describe your interests and what you’re looking for and be honest. Don’t get carried away telling your life story or deep personal secrets, you have to leave some mystery to get someone interested in learning more.

How to Talk To Women Online

You’re first message is where you make or break the potential date. I personally have found the best success of meeting women online by using short messages that are to the point and witty or a little fun. My favorite first message of all time is “You’re kinda cute, I think we need a date. ;) ”. It’s short, to the point, funny and at the end of the day it doesn’t take a lot of time. Remember dating is a numbers game. This exact message won’t work for all people but it aligns with my personality and yours should to as it will lead to a better quality match. If you’re feeling really bold and playful you can say “You’re kinda cute. Wanna fall in love? ;) ”.

No matter what you use for your first message it should be short and to the point. People come across as lonely or creepy when they write an essay in the first message. Limit yourself to four sentences or less. I also advise you read their profile and comment on something from it. Maybe they love to travel and in your message you comment on that or ask them what’s their favorite place they have traveled to.

The next step is to exchange phone numbers. I suggest you both send and receive a minimum of five messages before exchanging phone numbers. The last thing you want is a clinger or stalker continuing to text or call you. Get to know them first.

comedy club first dateWhere to Plan a First Date

Alright, you’re ready for your first date. You’re probably asking yourself “What should I do? I have never even met this person!”. This really depends on your personality and what you both like to do. If you’re shy, I suggest trying something fun like miniature golf, bowling or my favorite a comedy club. If you’re talkative and have no problem meeting people try a coffee shop.

The best tip I can give you when planning a first date with someone you met online is keep it simple and short. Don’t plan going to an expensive dinner where you both have to worry about what to wear and one of you shows up over or under dressed. These are types of things that can make a first date awkward. Also planning something that won’t take more than an hour or two allows you both an out if you’re not happy with how it’s going.

Finally, don’t go see a movie or do something where you can’t talk! The whole point of a first date is to get to know one another. Don’t waste your time doing something that limits your ability to talk.

Online Dating Warnings

  • There are a lot of spam profiles on dating sites. A spam profile is someone who use fake pictures and eventuallywill ask you to meet them somewhere remote or to chat somewhere else where you have to give your credit card. Trust me they get very tricky with these sites. An example is someone asks you to come chat on another dating site where they verify that you are 18 and real. You get to the other site and they are asking for a credit card, stay away, it’s a scam!
  • Keep personal information such as where you live to a minimum before your first date.
  • Make sure to use common sense and only meet someone from online in public. Your potential date may be several guys looking to rob someone. Both of you should drive to where you planned your date.

These warnings aren’t meant to frighten you from dating someone online. I share them because people can really get caught up and not use common sense when they first meet someone they find attractive. Use a little common sense and you will have a great experience.

Now it’s time to get on there and meet the love of your life. Follow these tips and you will meet a lot of women online, maybe a new best friend or your wife. Happy dating!

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