How to Decorate for a Disco Party

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Disco parties are a great tribute to the 70′s and creative leaders of funk like the  Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, The Trammps, and Van McCoy. Although I am a child of the 80′s, I’ve been known to throw a disco party or two in my days. Theme parties are a lot more fun than just a gathering of people and allow us to break away from the daily grind. Throughout college and my 20′s I was known as the theme party king by all of my friends and some of the local authorities, just kidding. Any great theme party starts with the decorating and atmosphere that you create. I will teach you how to decorate for a disco party and it won’t set you back that much money. Anything can be done on a budget with a little creativity, so lets get started.

Disco Party Punch List

  • Invitations
  • Music
  • Disco Decorations
  • Dress Code
  • Cameras
  • Games
  • Food & Liquor (Optional)
  • Disco Maniacs

How to Decorate for a Disco Party1.  Invitations are a must to plan a great party. You want to have an idea of how many people will attend so you can plan accordingly and make sure your party isn’t a flop. I usually would send my invitations out about two weeks prior to the party. This may be to late for some people as I would invite a few hundred people and assume 60-100 would show up which I could house. If you’re planning on a smaller get together I would send them out earlier to make sure you get the “A” list you want to attend. You can use to plan a party or another great free service to send invitations is if you or some of your friends aren’t on Facebook.

2.  Can’t have a Disco party without funky music. Some of my favorites for a  play lists are  Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band,The Village People, The Trammps, Van McCoy, Chic, and The Jackson. For a lot of my parties I simply use a service like or iTunes Radio which have pre-built play lists that you can let run all night. Simply hook up your computer to some speakers and let the music play.

3.  Disco decorations can be done cheap. As with any theme party the people, costumes, and music make the party but decorations boost the spirit of the event. Some must haves include:

  • A disco ball is a key essential to throwing a disco party, thus its number one on the list of decorations. You can find disco balls for cheap online or at craigslist. They are also fairly easy to make.
  • Head to the local fabric store for some 70′s inspired fabric to hangover entries and windows. Glass beads are also a classic touch that will help reflect some of light from you’re disco ball.
  • Purchase or rent a colored strobe light. They also make cool strobe lights you can put in a pool if your party will be outdoors. These can be picked up at most local pool stores. If you’re operating on a very tight budget you can simply get some black light bulbs and change out some of the bulbs in your house. Don’t forget to pull out that old lava lamp from the basement and put it on display.
  • Make some smiley faces and peace signs to tape on the walls. Purchase some nostalgic 70′s movie posters to put up.
  • Burn some incense throughout the house.

4.  Dress code required for entry. Have guests dressed for the 70′s in bell bottom denims, satin shirts, leisure suits, fake mustaches, wigs, and rainbow colored gear. A well dressed crowd creates a fun and social environment.

5.  Place disposable cameras around the party. What fun is a party if nobody remembers it? Purchase a few disposable cameras and place them around the party for people to pick up and snap away.

6.  Games will liven up the crowd. A 70′s dance off is a great place to start for games. If you’re party is going to be more low key 70′s trivia pursuit is a great option.

7.  A little liquor to liven up the crowd and food to give those dance machines some energy. If you’re throwing a wet party round up some mix for some 70′s classics like Tom Collins, Tequila Sunrises, Amaretto Stone Sours, Slo Comfortable screws, Salty Dogs, and Greyhounds. Usually I ask my guest in the invitation to bring some beverages. You don’t have to go overboard on the food but some light snacks such as  Necco wafers, Bugles, or french onion chip dip are always fun and a good place for conversation to start.

A little planning and preparation is the key for decorating and throwing the best disco party in the neighborhood. The legends of funk will be smiling down on you from disco heaven if you follow these tips. If you are serving alcohol at your party make sure to have contacted a shuttle service or local cab company to take home anyone who drinks.  Enjoy your disco party and have a great time!

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