How to Make Clear Ice

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Learning how to make crystal clear ice cubes is fairly simple. I decided to try this due to the fact that my automatic ice maker in my freezer makes very cloudy ice and  actually makes my drinks taste bad as they melt. My freezer already had a filter on the water line but it still had a funny taste and wouldn’t make clear ice cubes.

how to make clear iceClear ice cubes are a result of the purity of the water and at the rate of which the cubes freeze.  Cubes that freeze slower form ice crystals as they freeze helping eliminate any air in the ice which causes the cloudiness along with impurities. The ice cubes I teach in this class are virtually tasteless crystal clear.  I think its more appealing when I have my friends over for drinks and the ice bowl is filled with perfectly clear ice.

Supplies to Make Clear Ice

  • Distilled Water
  • Clean Boiling Pot
  • Ice Tray (Preferably metal)
  • Freezer (duh)

Steps to Make Clear Ice

Purchase some cheap distilled water at the grocer store.  Tap water doesn’t work due to the amount of minerals and impurities in the water which is the main reason for ice cubes being cloudy. I even tried running the tap water through a Brita filter but the results weren’t as good as using distilled water.

Start out by cleaning your pot, preferably with a little of the distilled water you bought. Next, heat up the water in your pan on the stove until it reaches a boil for about a minute. Remove it from the heat and allow the water to cool.  It’s important to allow the water to cool all the way back to room temperature. It’s true that warm water does freeze faster than cold water. We don’t want this as we are trying to slow or control the rate at which the cubes freeze, resulting in clearer cubes. Warm water freezes faster due to the fact that some of the water will evaporate when put in the freezer and because there may be less dissolved gas in the warm water.  I know, you probably didn’t need to know this, but it’s a fun fact to share with the friends you have over.

crystal clear ice cubesAfter the water has cooled fill up your ice trays and place them in the freezer.  I had the best results with metal ice trays as it’s a more controlled freeze, but you can use plastic if thats all you have in the house and still get pretty good results.  Now all you need is to get on the phone and invite your friends over for some drinks and you can brag to them how you have the clearest ice cubes. Try them out in a refreshing beergarita. Enjoy!

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